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Aroma pendant is a perfect gift that any modern woman will appreciate. Stylish, graceful pendants will ideally complement any look

Now the aroma medallion is becoming an increasingly popular jewelry, as it not only allows you to interestingly complement the images, but also has many other useful benefits for your health.


The aroma pendant helps in the prevention and treatment of colds. They also increase efficiency, relieve stress, soothe and uplift mood.


An aroma pendant will immerse you in a world of delightful natural aromas, each of which is unique and unrepeatable in its own way. And you will feel peace, bliss and lightness.


Also, choosing the right essential oil, you can give yourself confidence, femininity and tenderness.

Handmade silver aroma pendant with zirconium for aromatherapy

SKU: 1
120,00 €Price
    • Size - 25mm
    • Material - silver 925
    • Package contents: pendant +3 inserts
    • Weight - 18 gr

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