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Now the healing power of essential oils is always with you by the graceful aroma bracelet

As you wear the bracelet, the natural scents are gradually released, bringing a smile to your face and curiosity to all who manage to catch a whiff of the essential oils.


The aroma bracelet made of silver has "Tree of Life" on the top cover, which is a talisman that is used to protect your family and your home. It accumulates all the positive energy received from the ancestors.


The essential oils are our helpers. They have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral effects. Essential oils help relieve tension, stress, have a calming effect, thereby favorably influencing the cardiovascular and nervous systems of the body, which makes aromatherapy indispensable in the process of relaxation.

The size of the bracelet strap can be adjusted to your wrist, as it is made of silver rings, which are interlocked with each other.

Also, the  aroma bracelet would be a great gift, and you can buy an essential oil to go with it.

Handmade silver aroma bracelet for aromatherapy

190,00 €Price
    • Size - 25 mm

    • Material - sterling silver 925

    • Accessories - pendant + 3 inserts

    • Weight - 35 gr

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